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Who we are:

Press & Packaging can provide solutions to almost any manufacturing process.  Coupling a pro active approach to the market with well over 25 years experience in sensors and data collection.  We pride ourselves in matching our customer’s needs to the right equipment.  If your solution is not on our shelf then we will find it for you


              “The accuracy of your Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) or Management Information System (MIS) directly affects your business profit. Sensor errors and process errors undermine the valuable data collected by the SFDC/MIS upon which your accounting system depends..  Press & Packaging supply the tools that provide and prove your data. Giving you confidence in that essential profit margin.”

-Andrew Gardner P&P Managing Director

Who we  provide solutions for:

As the name suggests our main customer base is in the Print and Packaging industry. We also specialise in creating bespoke data collection systems. Chances are you may already have some of our equipment at your facility supplied by someone else.

We provide solutions for companies all over the world and have a great deal of experience with International shipping and customs.

End user:

P&P has pride ourselves on being able to work direct with the end user to accommodate their budget needs and help reduce their wastage.


P&P works with OEM companies to enhance the productivity and functionality of their products.

MIS and Software:

P&P is partnered with several of the major Management Information System companies. With a clear division of “you provide the software, P&P will bring the hardware” we have managed to solidify long standing relations with the industry leaders in software solutions.

Refurbishment / reconditioning companies:

with budgets for new machinery becoming increasingly harder to find funding for, it has been a logical progression for P&P to join with several machinery refurbishment companies.  Often creating bespoke solutions and sourcing other products in combination with our own to provide affordable options to the end user.

How we do it:  

We have partnered with the best in the business to be able to bring competitive prices direct to you!

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Press & Packaging Ltd supports its products from purchase to disposal with technical advice, warranty, spares, accessories and repair .

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