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copy counter 3 convertor signal splitter box tail count blocker

Accessories for all our products

sensor cables


We can provide  spare cables for all the products we supply, including discontinued items

All cables supplied bagged with wiring diagrams

Right angle or straight connectors available

We can provide any length from 1 to 100 metres

Denex cables

Scatec cables

Qtms cables

Countmaster cables

Webmeter cables

Cable Adaptors

We can supply adaptors to help avoid the need to rewire on equipment

Cable adaptors for obsolete models across the range

Denex to Qtms counter convertor

Denex to scatec convertor

Copycounter 3 to Copycounter 4 convertor

Bespoke available on request

Mounting/Converting Brackets

As well as being able to supply spare mounting brackets and collars for sensors; P&P can supply conversion brackets to enable a swap out sensor soultion

We can also aid in the design and manufacture of mounting bars and stands through our close relations to the manufacturing process

Junction and signal splitting boxes

Tailcount blocker

Press and Packaging also can provide boxes that can take in multiple signals or split signals to the customers requirements

Multiple signals feed to one source

Divide 1 signal into several outputs

Bespoke available on request

The Tailcount blocker was specifically designed for the Copycounter 4.

The Tail count Blocker Unit (TCB1) is an add-on for the Copycounter 4 which eliminates the extra count pulse that sometimes occurs from the curled up trailing edge of the last copy before a break in the stream.

For more details of its application please contact us

qtms copy coiunt sensor denex convertor

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