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general purpose interface rs232 converter general purpose interface

The Shop Floor Data Collection Interface

Typical application of the GPIF-1 is shown in the drawing to the left.

The GPIF-1 ensures that the pulse length of the signal from the proximity sensor is acceptable to the data collection device.

Pulse stretching to interface to PLC/Data Collector. I

Inhibit guarantees last full signal pulse. Divide by 1,2 and 4.

Fully isolated input and output.

Signal indication on top side LEDs. 35mm

Top Hat DIN rail standard mounting

The Netcom 2 unit is a serial to TCP/IP interface designed specifically for industrial applications.

This clever device allows a serial communicating device to be attached to any local network.

Stetting the baud rates, stop bits, parity etc is very simple and is done “on-line”.

You can assign an IP address or let the DHCP auto-router find it.

This unit is for professional and amateur IT personnel alike and GNG Systems Ltd will be happy to assist you with implementation.

It is available in the following forms:

Voltage: 5, 12 and 24 Volt

RS232C, RS232 TTL (serial from TTL source) or RS 422

GPIF 1 - General Purpose InterFace

Designed by Sensor system consultants,  This seemingly simple and yet powerful bit of kit could be the answer you are looking for.

general purpose interface gpif1

Netcom 2 - serial TCP/IP Convertor

Don’t throw away your RS232 serial devices such as barcode scanners, printers or weighscales. Put them on your local network and work with them on their own IP address

general purpose interface

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