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The Copycounter 4

Safe infrared counting sensor for shingle, conveyor and gripper delivered product

Why do we say “Just the one”?

There is only one type of Infrared copy count sensor needed in the P&P shopping basket. Copycounter 4 will accurately count product over the widest possible range of applications without messing around setting it up for each job.

qtms copycounter laser copycounter

It comes with:

Cable 5 metres long

Mounting block and screws

Installation manual

3 year warranty P&L

Benefits of the CC4 over other sensors

Typical applications:

The Copycounter 4 featured on the WRH Marketing Stand at Drupa

Leading edge detection

“Leading edge detection” is the ability of the sensor to detect the leading edge of the product and transmit the information with no processing delay so that equipment operating downstream knows exactly where, on the conveyance, the product starts.

Copycounter 4 is the ideal solution.

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