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51E3100 DENEX Edge Detector II FLDM 180C1103/S42 51E3100 51E3000 51E2010

DENEX Laser CopySensor™ Edge Detector II

High Accuracy Edge detection

Elimination of false counts because of stitches or noisy edges can be obtained by adjusting the output pulse width with the DIP-switches. This provides excellent functionality for those users that have fairly consistent products.

For Edge Detector Applications

In applications like: Stackers running folded edge first, Ink-Jet Labelling, Pick-Up Stations; the Edge Detector is the economical sensor choice. The sensor is optimised for edge detection and is, if needed, meant to be connected to an equipment that already has a true blocking function.

New model number FLDM 180C1103/S42 replaces models 51E3100, 51E3000, 51E2010, 51E2000

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