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51N1100 DENEX Gripper LED FLDM 180C1101/S42 51N1100

Provides the Lowest Cost for the Highest Accuracy when Counting on Gripper Conveyors

The GRIPPER LED has been specially designed to count on gripper conveyors with the highest possible accuracy. The LED technology, instead of a laser, provides the same performance when used in this application, but is much more affordable. It has a long lifetime and operates without any adjustments, which guarantees a highly accurate count for a very long time.

Directly Replaces Mechanical Finger Sensors and Photocells

The GRIPPER LED has it all. With its microprocessor, proximity sensor input and standard output pulse, it directly replaces other, less accurate, mechanical counters and photocells. The increased accuracy and performance at a low price makes the pay-off time very short, i.e. less than a year.

DENEX CopySensor™ Gripper LED

51N1100 Gripper LED CopySensor

New model number FLDM 180C1101/S42 replaces previous models 51N1101,  51N1100

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