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51L2100 DENEX Micro FLDM 180C1102/S42  51L2100  51L2000

DENEX Laser CopySensor™ MICRO

DENEX Most Universal Copy Count Sensor for Lapped or Shingled Streams!

To get the highest possible accuracy, a microprocessor is a must! Only a microprocessor can intelligently process stream reflections to be able to distinguish between real copies and stitches, back-edges, scratches and so on. This allows the sensor to count both folded edge and cut edge deliveries first!

Whatever your application: Newspaper Stackers, Commercial Stackers, Ink-Jet Labelling, Packaging, Gripper, Pick-Up Stations; the Laser Copy Sensor MICRO will handle the situation. By setting the DIP-switches at installation, the microprocessor will optimises itself to the specific application to reach the highest count accuracy.

The intelligent dynamic blocking function enables the sensor to handle all different stream conditions. The MICRO´s gap detection software will eliminate false counts causes by bent edges or folder pin marks showing when gaps occur in the stream. With the speed sensor input, a fixed-distance blocking zone can be programmed (for ink jet labelling or other needs).

New model number of FLDM 180C1102/S42 replaces models 51L2100  51L2000 51L100

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