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measuring wheel, measuring material on a wheel

MC1 is a well-proven linear sensor that has:

An accuracy of 0.05% with calibration.

A  long-life wheel

Low contact pressure

Web drift tracking

Vibration damping

Re-calibration support

Simple mounting and connection

Metrecount MC1 - “webmeter”

Monitor your roll delivered material usage with the accuracy that you need

Industrial quality measuring wheel sensor, measuring direct off the substrate for greater accuracy

More reliable and accurate than a rotary wheel encoder

Can handle product drift and includes built in shock absorption

How it works


MC1 Benefits:

Easy to connect to existing systems

Does not suffer with loss of accuracy from harmonic vibration in the vertical plane

Ultra low friction bearings remove “drag”

High friction coating removes slip between wheel and material.

Universal joint allows horizontal tracking

Application includes almost all web delivered materials such as paper, cloth and foil

Vertical rest position if sensor is not required or if sensor is undergoing maintenance

Signal from sensor to indicate that wheel is in vertical rest position.

Wheel of sufficient diameter to clear web-up bars.

Calibration figure clearly indicated on the wheel.

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