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Milljoin Sensor with Reelstand Interface

Monitor milljoins, web-breaks, splices and metres per reel

Self-adjusting sensor  to monitor milljoins over a  wide range of paper weights

Full reelstand signal interface to PLC or Data Aquisition Unit with LAN (TCP/IP) connection option

Reelstand Data Terminal RDT1 data collection hardware

The RDT1 - Reelstand Data Terminal unit:

Controller for the milljoin MDRL sensor pair

Controller for the Metrecount MC1 unit with web break inhibit.

Controller for splice reporting and web break detection.

Outputs can be connected to the inputs of a PLC/Data Collector/Totaliser

Serial data options send collected data by RS232C or TCP/IP network.

Milljoin detection web break detectionMilljoin sensor pair

The MDRL milljoin sensor pair is controlled by the RDT unit (see below)

Detects milljoins over a wide range of translucent materials

Detects a 20mm join at a web speed of 20 metres/second

Detects and reports  a web break in 100 micro seconds

On paper base weight:s 25 to 400 gsm without adjustment

Not  susceptible to ambient light flicker

Of the MDRL pair:

MDR is the milljoin sensor receiver

MDL is the milljoin sensor lamp

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