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DENEX copy count sensors

Other Sensors and Interfaces

Batch counting and totalising

denex sensorwheel sensor encoder style sensor

DENEX Overview: Introducing the range

DENEX Micro: Universal count sensor for shingle (lapped) copy delivery

DENEX Edge Detector II: Accurate placement of copy edge for gripper pick-up and labelling systems

DENEX Gripper LED: sensor for counting copy on gripper delivery systems

DENEX Pro: Top of the range. Linking to PC’s and Data Acquisition systems. Programmable. Serial communication

DENEX Servicing: Repairs, Cleaning and Calibration  

Metrecount: Otherwise known as a webmeter measures roll delivered material

Milljoin detector: A sensor that detects mill joins and splices on roll delivered paper

Reelstand Data Terminal: An interface to collect and process metreage, splice and milljoin data.

General Purpose Interface: Opto-isolation, inhibit signal input and divide signal by 1,2 or 4

Netcom:  Industrial interface that converts RS232 serial communication to TCP/IP

Copycounter 4 sensor

Discover the one for all sensor

Baumer copy count sensors

Countmaster Legend: Batchcounter and totaliser all in one easy to set up box

Find out more about the Production monitoring System that tailors to your needs

Complete Data Capture Systems


Accessories: For our whole product range. Including cables, Adaptors mounting brackets

pds panelBaumer scatec 2 laser copy sensor

Baumer Overview : Introducing the Scatec range

Scatec J: The entry level shingle stream counter.

Scatec 2: The most popular counter in the Baumer range.  On board calibration options.

Scatec 10 and 15: The top end sensors with ultimate programming options and results.

copycount sensorbatching systemsensor cables

Legacy Equipment

Information and support available for discontinued products

qtms copycounter 2