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Baumer Scatec J

baumer laser copy count sensor scatec j

The Scatec J the entry level sensor in the “SCATEC Family”.  

SCATEC is the sensor of choice when it comes to to detecting flat objects conveyed on an overlapping stream. Therefore the print Industry would be an ideal area of application for the SCATEC.

The main properties of the SCATEC J can be defined as the following:

Counts edges from a thickness of 1.5mm

Optimum working distance of 40 mm

“Pug and play” no adjustments required.

Counting rate of up to 280,000 copies per hour

The Scatec J is  very simple to install and use.  It is designed to be used to count a steady and consistent stream of product.  If for any reason it is not performing accurately, the customer  should consider upgrading to a higher model as the settings on this sensor are not adjustable.

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